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video: Michael


from composer Patricia Van Ness's
"The Nine Orders of Angels"

A music video with voices by Telarc recording artists Tapestry; Cristi Catt, Daniela Tosic and Laurie Monahan. Directed, produced and edited by Ruthie Ristich.

Video: 4.1mb Quicktime .mov

Video Credits


poem & music by Patricia Van Ness
Latin translation by Edward J. Vodokyls, S.J.
Excerpt from the Nine Orders of Angels

I am Michael of the Seraphs
The singers of heaven, the highest angels
And from my throat floats the eternal song
It flows like a golden river that bathes and renews,
Weaving around the throne until its beauty breaks the heart of God,
And heals it, unceasingly,
Beloved one, creator
You have formed me from pure compassion
It burns from my heart like precious jewels, like flames of gold,
And it inspirits the eternal song that I sing for you.
For I am your intimate
You have shown me your heart, the heart of God
And you have told me your most secret thoughts
And I have come to understand the mysteries of the Heavens,
For what I have seen within you is utter beauty.

Michael sum Seraphim
Cantatores Coeli, Summi Angeli
Ab cuius mei vocis aeternum cantum volitat
Qui, velut flumen auream Perfundit reficitque
Contexens circum thronm
Donec sua forma cor Dei infringat
Idque continuo curet.
Amatus, Creator,
Me ab pura misericordia formavisti.
Quae ab meo corde ardet modo gemmarum,
Flammarumque Auri,
Atque aeternum cantum inspirat, quem tibi canto.
Nam tuus familiariassimus sum; Mihi tum cor ostendisti, cor Dei,
Mihi tua arcana secretissima a narravisti,
Atque ego mysteria coelorum cognovi,
Cum quid intus te viderim tota forma sit
Tota forma sit.



Video Credits


Director, Producer,
Editor, Designer

Ruthie Ristich
stage design
Robin Tams
Pamela J. Steager
Concept Consultant
Greta Bro
Telarc recording artists Daniela Tosic, Cristi Catt, Laurie Monahan
Michael from the Telarc recording The Fourth River, the Millennium Revealed
Composer and poet
Patricia Van Ness
Dancer and choreographer
Julie Ince-Thompson
Production Credits:
Chris Mesarch – Bread and Circus
Music playback preparation
Brad Hatfield, Andrew Janjigian
John Anctil – Fast Lights
Costumes & puppet maker
Merrill Smith
Make-Up Artists
Sharon Phillion, Kristen Saulnier
Production Assistants
Sameer Tiwari, Karreem Khyberi, Minsook Kim, Lawrence Paolella, Tomas Johnson
Fabric Design
Mary Dee Dodge – Local Color
Triptych Design
Bill Weiters – Scenic Arts, Inc.
Gore Place – Waltham, Massachusetts Susan Robertson, Tom Roach
First Church Congregational – Harvard Square, Cambridge Loulie Kent
Cambridge Arts Council – Sabrina Moyle, Pallas Lombardi
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Wendy James – Chrysos Foundation
New England Music and Stage, Ltd.
Special thanks
Joe Douilette and the after-school media youth – Community Art Center
Brad Fugate and his students - Graham & Parks School
Agassiz School
Home Depot
Open Air Circus – Be Allen
The Dance Complex
Dennis Hylnsky
International angelic representatives:
Quan Yin – Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion
Bulan – Indonesian Moon Goddess
Laume – Lithuanian Fairy
Archangel Michael
Julie Ince-Thompson
Angels and similar beings known by many other names play an important part of the everyday life of people all around the world. They share many common attributes such as the ability to bring comfort and great assistance in times of crisis. They are guardians of the light who protect us and help us avoid danger. They have the ability to facilitate miraculous healings. They teach us about compassionate living and how to delight in pleasure and laughter. They have wings for flying between their many worlds and to enfold us when we are suffering. They have wondrous voices and frequently join together in songs that move us to peace and great faith.
Greta Bro
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