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Melissa, John, and Ruthie, Stanley, ID
Melissa Mott, trombonist John Stowe, and Ruthie after a Swing and Dixieland jazz tour with the little big band The Rack of Bones (five trombones, rhythm section and me). Gotta be on your toes aware so you don’t get goosed by a low F. Last stop was Sun Valley, Idaho. Melissa and John drove me to the Wall Street ‘airport’ in Stanley, Idaho so I could take an air taxi over the Sawtooth Mountain Range into the airstrip at the Morgan Ranch to visit with friends Mary Dee, Allen, Rachel, Morgan and Jean Dodge. We closed up the ranch for the season and nearly got snowed in. They flew out to Coeur d’Alene and I spent the day flying around with pilot Ray Arnold from Arnold Aviation in Cascade on his Star Route mail pickup and drop off service before my flight from Boise to Boston.

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