Food & Music Under the Full Moon! Celebrate Community Cooks

Sunday September 30, 2012
Cambridge Boat Club - 2 Gerry's Landing Road, Cambridge MA

Celebrate Community Cooks
a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors

Speeches 6:30-7:00pm (Henrietta Davis, mayor of Cambridge, Joe Curtatone, mayor of Somerville, Martha Sandler- Exec Dir On the Rise)

**Ruthie Ristich Quartet (swing music for dancing) 7:15-8:15pm
Ben Cook-piano, Rick McLaughlin-bass, Bertram Lehman-drums, Ruthie Ristich-voice

** SheBoom 8:15-9:00pm
Janet Axelrod, Margaret Ryan, Lesley Bannatyne, Julie Schneider, Adria Steinberg, Fargo, Deb Pacini and Janine Fay. Marcos Santos-mentor, teacher, spiritual advisor.

Community Cooks is a network of over 280 volunteers who provide home-cooked meals to vulnerable neighbors--homeless adults and children, women in crisis, at-risk youth, people recovering from addiciton or struggling with mental and physical disabilities. In 2011-1012, we served over 14,000 people who were assisted by direct-service programs located in Cambridge, Somerville, Lowell, Malden, Medford and Waltham.
Funds raised from this event will help us continue to feed growing numbers of community members in need.
Tickets: $30 (pre-event), or $35 at the door.

Sardellas in Newport. Wed July 11, 2012

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Ruthie is singing with Dick Lupino on bass and Mike Renzi on piano.

Sardellas Jazz Series
30 Memorial Blvd West, Newport Rhode Island
come on down for the best music and best Italian food.


Sam Ristich website and archive legacy project

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Visit Sam Ristich website

Welcome to this link to the Sam Ristich project. This is the beginning of an evolving information network that will eventually include many photos, essays, links and video clips.

Sam was a naturalist whose passion and interests spanned a vast range of topics touching many people. A wise person once said "Great teachers make anything interesting." Sam had that gift tenfold. His curiosity was piqued by two high school biology teachers in Aliquippa Pennsylvania back in the early 1930's. He lived out his last 25 years in North Yarmouth Maine.

We need your help to collect stories about his life. Please SHARE with us how you knew Sam.

Please stay in touch for the schedule of community walks along the Sam Ristich Nature Trail starting in June 2012.

website production and design: Ruthie Ristich and Christian Stolte

multimedia and music

Welcome to the website and blog for Ruthie Ristich and skydancer productions.

promo video for artist Catherine Russell's new CD

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Her new CD Strictly Romancin' was released Feb 14, 2012.

In this 5 minute promo Catherine talks about the influences for this 14 song recording, her 4th for Harmonia Mundi's World Village label. Musicians include musical director, arranger, and guitarist/banjoist Matt Munisteri, pianist Mark Shane, bassist Lee Hudson, drummer Mark McLean. Horn section includes tenor saxophonist and arranger Andy Farber, trombonist John Allred, Jon-Erik Kellso who plays trumpet and arranged the horns on the Ellington classic "I'm Checkin' Out, Goom'bye", Dan block on alto sax/clarinet and special guests Joe Barbato on accordion, Aaron Weinstein on violin and Carline Ray sings a duet with Catherine on the Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Marie Knight classic "He's All I Need". Produced by Paul Kahn.
Video production: Ruthie Ristich & Allison Lund, Somerville Massachusetts

visit Catherine's amazon music page
visit Catherine's website
Listen to Catherine and music director Matt Munisteri's interview on NPR's Fresh Air

Mr. Poops-a-Lot video short

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A whimsical romp starring 4 monarch butterfly caterpillars (Howard, Rita, Baby and Mr. Poops-a-Lot) and 2 young boys (Lars, age 4 and Anders, age 15 months). Guidance by my late naturalist father Sam Ristich, and digital media professor Eric Martin, with songs inspired by Duke Ellington and Gioachino Rossini and the greatest inspiration of all, Mother Nature.

Screenings: Boston Film and Video Festival, New Orleans Film and Video Festival, Providence Film and Video Festival

Ruthie Ristich shot, edited, and sang on sound track.

Wild Asparagus: Guiding Star Grange Greenfield MA

Diamonds WildAsparagus 3 from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo

Contra dance fun in western Massachusetts with Liz Ehrman and Marika Partridge with the band Wild Asparagus. Check out their website to see when and where they might be performing near you.

Shot and edited with FCP7 by Ruthie Ristich.

Info on the band members:

The heartbeat of Wild Asparagus is Ann Percival on piano, guitar, and vocals. Ann's playing is highly inventive while still maintaining an irresistible rhythm. David Cantieni, a wood-wind wizard, pours forth lively melodies and liquid harmonies on his flutes, tin-whistle, oboe, saxophone and bombard. Becky Tracy's masterful fiddling is that rare combination of energy and beauty. George Marshall is an accomplished English concertina player and also provides driving rhythms on bodhran and bones. We usually play with a bass player, some of our regular players include Corey DiMario, Mark Murphy, Harry Aceto and Ralph Gordon among others. George also provides excellent instruction and calling for New England style contras.

Short Clips from Sam Ristich film-in-progress "Mother Nature's Son"

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No trailer yet. Still formulating overall story. Sifting through 16 years of footage...approx 50 hours shot between 1989 and 2006. More information about Sam Ristich at Sam was a walking encyclopedia of the northeast arboreal forest with an insatiable curiosity. His keen eye always led him to figure out the "how" and the "why". His greatest gift was as a teacher and motivator.
The New England Mycological Federation's annual foray is named in his honor (since 1995). This year it is being held in the Adirondacks. More info here:

A__Amanita Sam Intro_Mother Nature's Son from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

B__Fleebia radiata from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

C__Elderberry Pop Gun Fun from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

D__Mother Nature's Son excerpt: For the Love of Insects from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

Michael - Tapestry: Telarc recording artists

I received a Cambridge Arts Council Grant and Massachusetts Cultural Council grant to direct, produce and edit this video project with music by composer Patricia Van Ness. The acappella piece, part of a larger work entitled The Nine Orders of Angels, was sung in Latin by Telarc recording artists (the vocal group) Tapestry**. The group had partnered with choreographer and dancer Julie Ince Thompson who agreed to dance in front of a "green" screen for inclusion in the piece as the Archangel Michael. The idea was to make the video visually interesting for younger grade school listeners. I brought the finished piece in to different classrooms, along with the costumes and puppets (all from different countries, cultural traditions and religions). The children were curious about the editing process and how the special effects were achieved. I was thrilled to be able to hire cinematographer Robin Tams, pro lighting, makeup artists, costume makers, and with the help of some volunteer production assistants we had 3 successful days of shooting. **Tapestry consists of Daniela Tosic, Cristi Catt and Laurie Monahan. Find out more about them and where to purchase their many excellent CDs here: Tapestry

Tapestry2 from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.

Rockin' Robin

Fun piece circa 1999 with my young friends Katy L. et al having fun on a Saturday night in Cambridge. Shot with hi8 camera, edited with EditDV.

Rockin' Robin from Ruthie Ristich on Vimeo.